WISH Innovations

Respiray Wear A+

Respiray Wear A+ defeats allergies with just one click. This innovation is a game changer for millions of people who have pet dander, pollen, dust, and mold allergies.

Airborne allergies can affect one’s everyday life. Sneezing and suffering from watery eyes or an itchy nose is never pleasant. Respiray Wear A+ introduces an innovative solution to this problem. It is a wearable device that filters the air a person inhales to make it allergen-free. Unlike air purifiers, Respiray Wear A+ is designed for convenience and direct, effective protection against allergies — anywhere one might go.

Respiray Wear A+ provides full protection in any indoor space where one may be exposed to airborne allergens:

when visiting friends or family who have pets, during the pollen season, in dusty or moldy places, and more.


Super-Effective Allergy Reduction

Lab tests have shown that, through its user-replaceable filters, Respiray Wear A+ effectively reduces airborne allergen particles by more than 99%.


Wearable and Easy-to-Use

The wearability of Respiray Wear A+ ensures direct and effective protection in any indoor space. It is also rechargeable and user-friendly.


Lightweight and Stylish

In addition to its practicality, Respiray Wear A+ is lightweight and small. Its simple design makes it a cool accessory to wear as well.