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ERLYSIGN: For Early Detection of Cancer

ERLYSIGN is a biotechnology startup working on developing the next generation of early stage prognostics and diagnostics solutions allowing an early stage detection of multiple types of cancer. ERLYSIGN uses human saliva to detect the presence of precancerous cells in a noninvasive and painless manner. The active detection method checks for protein biomarkers and mRNAs and can detect the presence of cancerous cells even before a visible tumor or lesion appears.

ERLYSIGN’s first test kit detects oral cancer through saliva samples. It is both quick and easy to use. The test was validated by the experts of The American Oncology Institute, HCG, and US based Oncologists. It allows the detection of precancerous conditions even before a visible tumor or lesion appears in the oral cavity, lip, tongue, or throat. At this stage, ERLYSIGN’s test kit is a patented product under large scale clinical trials in collaboration with HCG, Southeast Asia’s largest cancer care network. ERLYSIGN is currently working on developing early detection kits for lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer as well.