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ERG Controls: YIKA Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

ERG Controls digitizes hand hygiene monitoring to minimize hospital-acquired infections. With its AI-powered IoT system, YIKA, the company brings WHO’s standards everywhere. Its goal is to turn YIKA into the global standard controller of hand hygiene compliance.

Hospitals are required to monitor their personnel’s hands hygiene. However, this is mostly done manually through observation. This type of monitoring is limited, expensive, and can yield misleading statistics resulting in major inadequacies. In fact, according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, less than 50% of hospitals worldwide comply with the hand hygiene standards of the WHO. In other words, according to CDC and the WHO, healthcare professionals wash their hands half of the time they are supposed to in hospitals.

Lack of hand hygiene is the leading cause of hospital infections. This leads to hundreds and thousands of people losing their lives and billions of dollars of direct losses. According to the WHO, these numbers can be reduced by half if healthcare professionals comply to hand hygiene standards.

YIKA is an end-to-end IoT system that monitors all hand hygiene activity. YIKA was designed for healthcare professionals working in hospitals. It uses smart badges, sensors, and AI-powered handwashing modules and reports the personnel’s compliance rate to WHO’s 5 Hand Hygiene Moments via its web dashboard. The compliance rate is measured on an individual or shift or profession basis.