WISH Innovations


aiEndoscopic revolutionizes modern endoscopy. It combines artificial intelligence with robotics to enable assistive or even autonomous endoscopy. aiEndoscopic aims for the best patient outcomes and treatment success, independent of human performance & skills.

The company is a spin-off from a university project held between three prominent universities in Zürich: ETH Zürich, Universität Zürich, and Universitätsspital Zürich.

The company’s first innovation is called intuBot, it is an assistive device that operates at the level of  airway management, and allows for easier and safer tracheal intubations. Tracheal intubation is a life-saving process that requires extensive training. intuBot is the first device to actively support the practitioner in this skill-based task, allowing less experienced practitioners to intubate successfully and save lives. intuBot has an intelligent system that uses AI to navigate itself using the surrounding anatomy and maneuver accordingly into the trachea.

Currently, aiEndoscopic is working to apply this digital health technology in other prominent endoscopic procedures, e.g., bronchoscopy, colonoscopy, or laparoscopy. This AI solution will not only simplify those complex procedures but also improve the outcome and reduce the costs of the treatment.