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Neurosoft Bioelectronics: Soft Implantable Brain Interfaces

Neurosoft Bioelectronics is a neurotechnology start-up based in Switzerland, developing and manufacturing implantable electrodes that can be used to record or stimulate the surface of the brain to monitor or treat severe neurological disorders. Neurosoft has introduced a new class of soft, stretchable, and high-density implantable electrodes that seamlessly interface with the brain, promoting long-term bio-integration of the devices in the body, reducing surgical and implantation risks and improving recording and stimulation precision. With its soft electrodes, the company aims to treat severe tinnitus, identified as the main indication for the platform’s technology. Severe tinnitus is a debilitating disorder characterized by a permanent and loud ringing in the ears. It impacts 50 million people worldwide, of which 7% attempt to commit suicide every year. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for tinnitus. Neurosoft Bioelectronics is working to solve the root cause of the disorder with the first implantable brain-computer interface to suppress tinnitus through closed-loop cortical electrical stimulation. The company’s breakthrough soft electrodes are the only ones that can allow safe and optimal surgical access to the brain target, located at the bottom of a large brain sulcus. Neurosoft Bioelectronics’ market size in Europe and USA is estimated to $3B.