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Vivan Therapeutics: TuMatch

Vivan Therapeutics offers personalized cancer therapeutics utilizing technology developed at and in partnership with Mt Sinai Medical Center, New York. The company identifies personalized cancer treatments for patients based on their tumor genetics. For each patient, a genetically matched fruit fly model of the tumor is built, then used for large-scale drug screening and to find novel drug combinations that are efficacious in the individual’s avatar population. This platform, known as the Personal Discovery Process (PDP) can identify new therapies for even hard-to-treat cancers involving less toxic and more affordable combinations of drugs. Each patient PDP, screening 500k+ whole animals against 2k+ FDA approved drugs, generates a unique proprietary dataset of drug combination recommendations. TuMatch is the next generation of cancer treatment. It is built upon the research and data gathered from thousands of colorectal patients. TuMatch uses AI algorithms fed with experimental data to quickly match the patient’s tumor DNA to a specific tailored therapy. This powerful software enables rapid, personalized cancer treatment recommendations. The company also uses its in vivo high-throughput drug screening platform in biopharma partnerships to screen investigational drugs and work to rescue failed drugs, repurpose old drugs, screen new drug candidates, or determine combination therapeutic strategies.