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inHEART is committed to delivering the world’s most sophisticated, AI-enabled digital twin of the heart to advance the care of patients living with cardiac disease. The company believes that all patients deserve access to world-class expertise that guides and optimizes treatment strategies to support improved clinical outcomes and return patients to full, healthy lives.

The inHEART solution targets physicians who are challenged with lengthy, complex, conventional ablation procedures with minimal insights into the detailed structural anatomy of their patient’s heart and how it may be driving the arrhythmia.

The inHEART solution is the world’s most sophisticated 3D cardiac modeling software platform that leverages CT and MR images to deliver clear and precise maps of each patient’s unique cardiac anatomy, principal and collateral structures, and myocardial tissue characteristics to allow physicians to individualize and optimize each patient’s treatment strategy to improve efficiency and precision and support reduced procedure times and greater procedural success.

The InHEART solution allows physicians to reduce procedure times by 60% and improve efficiency by 25%.