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Smiletronix – Home Dental Checkup Solution

Smiletronix is a home solution for dental checkup, tracking, and teledentistry. Smiletronix employs Ai to allow users to check their teeth from the comfort of their own homes using only a smart device and an app. By turning dental care from reactive to preventive, the company is working on reducing cost and pain, and improving access to care. It aims to revolutionize the management of dental care and benefits.

Smiletronix is driven to employ technology in an area of healthcare that is often overlooked, yet vital to good health and wellbeing. Dental diseases are among the most prevalent untreated chronic diseases around the world, with untreated cavities ranking first and gum diseases ranking 6th. These numbers are due to a shortage in dental professionals, high costs, and accessibility problems in every country.

Smiletronix can address all these issues. It combines health and wellness tracking, digital health, telehealth, and dentistry, all of which are rapidly growing. It answers to an increasing global demand for more accessible health and wellness solutions, tracking features, remote accessibility, and instant test results. Smiletronix aims to scale significantly over the upcoming months, bringing everybody a better and healthier smile.