“Reflecions” Painting exhibition by Naufar’s patients

On: 2 - 6 Oct 2022
Location: QF Clinic

Time: 9:00AM – 1:00PM


In partnership with Naufar


Naufar exhibition aims to provide patients with substance use disorder the opportunity to share with you their thoughts, voices, and their recovery journey.
These Artworks have been made by patients during their battle with the substance use disorder, and through their recovery journey in Naufar.

Most of them had never drawn before, or even had the chance to express their inside feelings.

In the beginning of a recovery journey, patients were expressing their pain, anxiety, and fears. Then. The art became an “action of courage”, facing and achievement
Through this exhibition they wanted to share their stories of healing, hope and recovery, that can inspire us or support our loved ones who are suffering in silence, and they want to show you that not only do people recover from substance use disorder but there is a hope for them to prosper.

This exhibition is an invitation to see these people with substance disorders from an angle different from the stigma
It is an invitation to help and support them during their daily fight with this chronic illness.


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