Dr. Zahra Babar

Associate Director for
Research at CIRS
Georgetown University in Qatar

Zahra Babar has published several articles and chapters on areas of her research, most recently, “The 2022 World Cup and Migrants’ Rights in Qatar: Raciaised Labour Hierarchies and the Influence of Racial Capitalism,” with N. Vora, in The Political Quarterly (2022), “Qatar, the World Cup, and the Global Campaign for Migrant Workers’ Rights,” in Football in the Middle East: State Society and the Beautiful Game, Ed. Abdullah Al Arian (Hurst/OUP 2022), “Improving the Evidence on Health Inequities in Migrant Construction Workers Preparing for Big Sporting Events,” with A. Flouris et al. in BMJ (2021), “Health and Social Needs of Migrant Construction Workers for Big Sporting Events,” with K. Onarheim, et al., in BMJ (2021), “Skilled Migration to Emerging Economies: The Global Competition for Talent Beyond the West,” with M. Ewers, N. Khattab, and M. Madeeha in Globalizations (2021); co-author of “Introduction” and “Economic Migrants and Citizenship in the GCC,” in Routledge Handbook of Citizenship in the Middle East and North Africa, which she also co-edited with R. Meijer and J. Sater (2021); and “The Vagaries of the In-between: Labor Citizenship in the Persian Gulf,” in International Journal International Journal of Middle East Studies (2020) among others.