Prof. Mohammed G. A. Al Maadheed

Director, Centre for Metabolism & Inflammation, Division of Medicine, UCL, UK 
& Director General, Naufar Wellness and Recovery Centre, Qatar

Professor Mohammed Al Maadheed M.D. Ph.D. MSc. has more than three decades of professional experience, both nationally and internationally, with governments, NGOs, and the private sectors in Healthcare, Sports Medicine, Anti-doping and Humanitarian fields.  

Professor Al Maadheed joined Qatar Red Crescent Society as CEO in 2001 with a budget of £1,000,000, operating only within Qatar, with 25 staff members. In 2020, he stepped down as President, with a budget of £250,000,000, and 2,500 staff (1000 in Qatar and 1,500 internationally). The humanitarian activities of QRCS has impacted the lives of 13 million people in 2020, including the provision of primary healthcare for 1.2 million people within Qatar. Professor Al Maadheed was awarded the Henry Dunant Medal in 2022, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s highest distinction. 

Professor Al Maadheed is currently Director of Centre of Metabolism and Inflammation (Division of Medicine), University College London, inaugurated Feb 2020, following a 2-year stint as visiting professor (2017-2020).  

His experience and leadership include strategic planning and management of public health, sports, sports medicine, environmental and humanitarian initiatives and high level strategic planning and resource deployment devoted to collaborative international, regional partnership initiatives. Professor Al Maadheed is considered to be an international thought leader in the fields of Sports Medicine and Anti-Doping and has broad experience in working collaboratively with sports communities, medical researchers, national and Asian Olympic committees, FIFA and government bodies, especially in the field of Anti-Doping and Sports Medicine, and humanitarian groups, societies, NGOs, and government bodies especially in Disaster response and Rehabilitation plans.  

Broad contribution and activity in the deployment of basic human rights, basic healthcare, and creating awareness amongst the vulnerable. High scale surgical and medical management in sports, civilian, and military segments. Conducts research, gives lectures, and publishes in the fields of Anti-Doping, Sports Medicine, Healthcare, Substance use disorders and Humanitarian activities. Supervises PhD students in the fields of Sports Medicine, Strategic planning and management of public health and humanitarian fields. Professor Al Maadheed is also: 

  • Chairman, Board of Trustees & Acting General Manager, ADLQ, Qatar  
  • Healthcare Advisor to His Highness, the Personal Representative of HH The Emir, Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Qatar 
  • President, Qatar Red Crescent Society, Qatar