Prof. Dr. Karine Sargsyan

President, ESBB & Managing Director
for International Biobanking & Education,
Medical University of Graz

Prof. Dr. Karine Sargsyan is Managing Director for International Biobanking and Education, Vice Scientific Leader and Lecturer of the Master’s university programs Biobanking and Human Centered Artificial Intelligence in Medicine at the Medical University of Graz. She built the Biobank Graz from the fist moment of institutionalization. Under visionary her management, Biobank Graz, has been developed to an interdisciplinary institution with educative strength (starting staff was one person – herself) to the today’s status of one of the most known and busiest (used) interdisciplinary clinical biobanks in Europe (BBMRI survey) with 42 employees (28 FTE) and approx. 12 million Euros budget and 300 serviced projects p/a.  

She is skilled in interdisciplinary research, research policy, international research, research organization-management-policy, grant management, quality, and risk management (particularly in grant driven environment) and digitalization (including AI and ML) in life sciences, particularly in medicine. She provides scientific expertise and experience as a consultant to several sites worldwide (BBMRI-Poland, German Space Agency, MoHs of several countries, DDZ, etc.) and is focused on innovation, specifically on innovative technology in several international projects. She is active and meanwhile a very dedicated working group leading member of the ESBB, as well has been elected to Vice-President of ESBB. 

She gives lectures in several universities including MUG, YSMU, Cote de Azure University Nice, etc. She is also a representant and speaker (Keynotes, TEDx, WEF Davos convention, etc.). Overall grant making/management – more than 120 mio Euro. She published more than 100 papers in scientific journals and is author of several books and book chapters with Springer and the Cambridge Publishing house. She is one of the authors of the World 2050 initiative of the World Economic Forum – Young Global Leaders.   

Was born in Vanadzor, Armenia and lives in Graz, Austria. Married; has a highly talented daughter (21).  In her free time, she enjoys painting (three exhibitions), playing the piano and happily commits herself to various voluntary activities.