Prof. Corinne Reid

Global Advisor & Consultant, Elite Sport
Corinne Reid Consulting

Professor Corinne Reid is a clinical psychologist and global consultant working in elite sport for more than 25 years. She supports Olympians in maintaining individual and team wellbeing in high performance environments. She advises coaches and players about leadership under pressure. Professor Reid is a Senior Research Fellow with the Global Health Academy and Global Associate of the Academy of Sport at The University of Edinburgh. She is also committed to addressing global mental health through addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Professor Reid is co-founder of ETHOS, a global initiative to enhance planetary health commitments in the Higher Education sector. In her clinical practice, Professor Reid specialises in working with children and families with mental health challenges and co-founded the Project KIDS neurodevelopmental research program. She is also part of a team developing a perinatal mental health tool with Indigenous communities in Australia. Whilst Professor of Psychological Therapies at the University of Edinburgh, Professor Reid co-founded the Flourish research team, focussed on developing a toolkit for ethical global research in partnership with more than 400 researchers from more than 30 countries.

Professor Reid has held leadership roles in universities in the United Kingdom and in Australia. Most recently, she was Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research at Victoria University, where she introduced a whole-of-university commitment to planetary health; and also designed and led a successful AUD$22m bid for COVID-recovery research funds from the Victoria State Government supporting 65+ researchers, and involving partnerships with 35+ community and industry organisations, whilst providing opportunities for more than 50+ students. During this time, Victoria University also entered the Top 10 in the Shanghai Rankings for sporting universities and re-positioned itself as prioritising sport for inspiration, sport for innovation, sport for community cohesion and sport for social change. Professor Reid’s most recent publication addresses a compassion narrative for achieving the UN SDG 2030 agenda.