Prof. Christine Rouzioux

Professor of Virology
University Paris Descartes

Professor emeritus of Virology in charge of the Virology Laboratory in Necker Hospital (APHP). and in the Necker medical school in Paris, France.

Director of the EA 7327 Research team at Paris Descartes University. The main areas of research on HIV associated to international scientific publications concerned: HIV diagnosis in adults and babies, HIV therapeutics, and HIV reservoirs with an emphasis on cohort studies and clinical trials, with the development of virological markers for developing countries, (more than 550 publications in July 2022 in PubMed). Also:

Member of the French “Academie National de médecine”.

Member of the COVID-19 committee in the “Académie National de médecine”.

Member of the National Committee on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis.

President of ARCAT/Checkpoint, ONG for prevention and care for patients living with HIV.