Kasper Bergmann

World Federation of the Deaf

Kasper Bergmann is Vice-President of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) championing human rights for deaf people. The WFD is the world’s oldest and largest uni-disability organisation having member organisations from 133 countries around the world representing more than 70 million deaf people using sign languages.  

Kasper is representing the WFD at the World Hearing Forum under the WHO and has been a part of the working group developing the World Report on Hearing (WHO, 2021).  

Furthermore, he is working as Head of International Cooperation at Danish Deaf Association promoting human and linguistic rights for deaf people around the world including access to health services. He is overseeing project partnerships in 9 countries, mainly in Africa. He has been working within this area since 1999 in various roles.  

Finally, he has been working as Head of Section at Unit of Health Economics under the Danish Health Authority analysing the economic performances of the Danish public hospitals and other health economics related projects. He holds a M.Sc. degree in Economics from University of Copenhagen.