Dr. Ricardo Baptista Leite

Founder & President

Dr. Ricardo Baptista Leite, MD, MP is Member of the Portuguese National Parliament (4th term), Vice President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Parliamentary Board, and Head of Public Health at Católica University of Portugal.  

He is Founding President of ‘UNITE Parliamentarians Network for Global Health’, currently present in +85 countries, and including more than 200 members of parliaments, congresses and senates from around the world.  

He is also Vice President of the ‘Parliamentary Network on The World Bank & International Monetary Fund’, Mayoral Candidate and City Councilor of Sintra (2021-present) and Former Deputy Mayor and Councilor of Cascais (2015-2017). Prior to being elected MP, he was a practicing physician trained in Infectious Diseases at the Western Lisbon Hospital Centre and intern at the World Health Organization (Copenhagen). Previous experience includes having been an elected member of the supervisory board of the National Genetic Database Protection Agency and a decade of experience in health technology as a medical consultant at Glintt Healthcare Solutions, a multinational software house.  

His post-graduate studies in universities included Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Medical School, and was a PhD candidate at Maastricht University.  

Dr. Ricardo Baptista Leite is also Founder of ‘CREATING HEALTH – Research and Innovation Funding’, Co-founder of the ‘Estoril Conferences’ and main author of the book ‘A Road to a Cure – Reforming the National Health System’, among other publications.