Dr. Murhaf Assaf

Pediatric Emergency Physician
Pediatric Blast Injuries Partnership

Dr. Murhaf Assaf studied medicine and graduated in 2010, then began specialization and training in general surgery, graduating as a general surgeon in late 2015. 

Because of the ongoing war Murhaf worked as a war surgeon in the conflict zone and sometimes on the frontline.  In 2016, he worked in eastern Aleppo under siege with very limited resources and extreme circumstances. He left the besieged city to the countryside following the agreement between Russia and Turkey that helped evacuate the besieged people in Aleppo.

The hospitals where he worked were targeted many times with different weapons including cluster bombs, bunker buster bombs and even chlorine gas. He used to deal with mass casualties and a huge number of patients at the same time due to massacres committed by jet, aero craft, helicopters and shelling. He now lives in the UK and is doing his conversion exams to achieve GMC registration.