In partnership with The Carter Center.

A healthier world can only be achieved through strong partnerships. Diseases occur within individuals and communities due to variety of pathogens and multiple overlapping factors, which means medical and public health professionals must address the complex factors of the overlapping issues and the diseases at the same time. This requires a diverse set of partnerships. Trachoma, the leading preventable cause of blindness in the world, is one such disease that requires creative approaches that involve multiple partnerships. Sudan has made significant progress in moving closer to the goal of eliminating trachoma as a public health problem within its borders; however, insecurity, influx of refugees, weak health systems at the local level and now COVID-19 pandemic create a challenging atmosphere to implement the planned interventions timely, which reflects the greater need to work together. This panel will bring together representatives from the Sudan Federal Ministry of Health, The Carter Center, and the World Health Organization to discuss how partnerships have enabled/will enable Sudan to achieve successes while addressing what is still needed to reach elimination goals.