In Focus – 45 mn

In partnership with Emergency NGO.

In countries affected by conflict and poverty, there is a serious need to rethink the models of international cooperation in the health sector. This panel session aims to bring together international health and development experts to question the idea of two-tier medicine, in favour of a more comprehensive approach for an equal access to healthcare for all. Is it possible and sustainable to provide free, quality healthcare to everyone who needs it, respecting human rights and ensuring the dignity of every individual? Drawing upon decades of experience running high-quality hospitals from Afghanistan to Sudan, Rossella Miccio, president of EMERGENCY NGO, will share the challenges and results of promoting a human rights-based medicine.


Dr. Diana Atwine, Incumbent Permanent Secretary at Uganda Ministry of Health
Ahmed Al Mandhari, Regional Director at WHO EMRO
Dr. Paul Farmer, Regional Director at WHO EMRO
Rossella Miccio, CEO at Emergency NGO