In Focus – 45mn

In partnership with Nursing Now.

This is an extraordinary time for health workers. The global pandemic continues to spread and the death toll is rising. Everywhere countries are endeavoring to continue routine health services while dealing with the worst of the pandemic. The toll on the physical and mental health of health workers is reported widely at the moment, highlighting what some have called ‘the crushing mental health toll’ and warning that, beyond its devastating physical effects, the pandemic has unleashed a mental health crisis marked by anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, and even suicide. Nursing Now has focused on helping nurses and other health workers to both help themselves and help others. In this session we will share some of the tools and approaches that we have used together with a discussion of the survey that the International Council of Nurses has undertaken showing the huge need to invest in working environments in health facilities that support mental health.


Barbara Stilwell, Executive Director at Nursing Now
Howard Catton, Executive Director at International Council of Nurses
Dr. Marti Balaam
Ruth Oshikanlu
Michael Rosen