Today, we live in an information society, where the flow of information in the virtual environment is unprecedented and unstoppable force that touching every sphere of modern life and shaping everyday life. Childhood is no exception as hundreds of millions of children around the world steeped in a steady stream of digital communication and connection. Although digital platforms can provide a space for a variety of information and knowledge, concerns have been raised about the adverse effects of excessive use of digital technology on children.

The aim of this session is to present and discuss the data, evidence and practices; to challenge assumptions being made; to understand the subject better as well as the experiences of children, parents and others in relation to this interface between child development and the use of technology, with particular reference to the socialization’s aspects of this relationship/interface. This will include examining and challenging our own assumptions as parents, caregivers, policy makers or otherwise but instead make decisions based on the best available evidence with a view to making informed decisions around how we can better engage, use and manage this relationship between children and adolescents development and the digital age.