The panel will focus on the big picture- how COVID is/will be impacting children’s physical and mental in our societies globally and in MENA. It will look at the multiple programmatic implications for national governments and highlight a few areas where ideally all stakeholders could concentrate efforts for programmatic adjustment

The virus has turned traditional thinking on its head; financial ecosystems rewrite the prudency rulebook; individuals are asked to trade personal freedoms for collective responsibility and health systems the world over scramble to deal with the virus and its effects at a time when many are already overstretched. However, as policy makers react to new norms, we must ensure that the most vulnerable are not overlooked. Indeed, in times of crisis, it is the vulnerable we must look out for first – including our young. Against this backdrop we must ensure that our healthcare and social support systems remain effective and integrated and that day to day care for the vulnerable is not sacrificed.

The panel will consist of four leading experts and policymakers and discuss how we can all play our part in protecting the most vulnerable in society both within Qatar and internationally.