This session will look at the prevalence of violence against children, the necessity of social services providers and workforce, the integration and linkages between child protection and health systems with a view to strengthening existing gaps and highlighting areas of best practice. The session is particularly timely. As you know, identifying and tackling violence against children, and indeed violence in wider domestic and social settings, has come under increased focus during the emergence of COVID-19. In any crisis, it is often the most vulnerable who suffer the most and it is vital that our systems to not lose sight of those most in need.

The panel seeks to highlight the importance of taking a systems approach to eliminating violence and addressing root causes and behavior changes needed to prevent and respond to VAC in all settings: at home, in schools and in communities including touching on the digital world. The session will further unpack these areas from a practical and operational perspective, in light of the impact of COVID-19 on children and families, looking at common challenges experienced among countries around the world as well as evidenced based solutions that have been shown to reduce or eliminate VAC.